Heatstrip Heatstrip Patio Heater 3200

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SeattleLuxe # 17327 MFR # FX0632380003


List Price: $1,160.00

Price $1,097.00


  • High Intensity, Ceiling Mounted, Radiant Outdoor Heater
  • Manufactured in Melbourne Australia
  • Stainless Steel with high efficiency, extended surface area, extruded aluminum heat exchange system.
  • Stainless Steel ceiling / angle mounting brackets are supplied as standard. Note: Screws fixing bracket to ceiling / wall structure are not included.
  • Minimum mounting height: 7 ft. above floor level
  • Voltage: 240V 60Hz a.c. USA / Canada
  • Wattage: 3200W
  • Dimensions: 69" x 7" x 1"
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The Heatstrip Patio Heater 3200 is a Seattle Luxe exclusive offer, only available in the United States, and to our customers alone. Manufactured in Melbourne Australia, the Heatstrip Patio Heater 3200 is a stainless steel, high efficiency, extended surface area, extruded aluminum heat exchange system.

The unique design of the Thermofilm Heatstrip ensures rapid, efficient, and even heating which is also cost effective and environmentally friendly. Infrared Technology is more effective for outdoor areas since it uses radiant heating similar to the warmth of the sun. The Heatstrip THH3200US-SS is a high intensity radiant heater perfect for indoor and covered outdoor areas that are difficult to heat, such as patios, balconies, outdoor dining or smoking areas. They are also great for spot heating in open indoor areas like factories, showrooms and animal enclosures. Heatstrip infrared heaters provide gentle, comfortable, targeted heating directly to the people and objects in its path. The warmth can be felt up to 16 feet from the source in indoor areas or up to 10 feet in outdoor covered areas. The black panel of the Heatstrip Heater does not emit light or glow red when in use and offers a stylish, slim design which will blend elegantly into any decor. Ceiling or wall mounting options ensure valuable floor and table space is not wasted. The Heatstrip can be mounted 96 to 122 inches from the floor and may be controlled with timers, thermostats or heat regulators. The Heatstrip THH3200US-SS has received an IPX-5 Water Protection Rating which makes it specifically designed for undercover, outdoor electric heating. This item is UL Approved!

The voltage is 240V 60Hz a.c. USA / Canada, and the high temperature baked enamel paint and stainless steel construction are elegant and designed to last. The angle mounting brackets are supplied as standard.

These models have been given an International Protection (IPX) Rating as defined by Australian Standards AS 1939-1991 ‘Classification of degrees of Protection against Liquids’ provided by enclosures for electrical equipment. IPX-5 rating states these models are protected against jets of water from all directions.