Insulating Winter Garden Blanket
Insulating Winter Garden Blanket Shown with Optional Insulating Winter Garden Blanket

NuVue Insulating Winter Garden Blanket

Seattle Luxe is an authorized NuVue dealer.
SeattleLuxe # 9757 MFR # PF0717220008

Price: $24.79


  • Large Size 42 in. x 25 ft. allows wrapping of pretty large trees and bushes.
  • White high-tech fabric allows sunlight and water to penetrate and feed plants during the spring and fall.
  • Air can flow through the material - there's no greenhouse effect. Lasts for years. Better than burlap.
  • Synthetic material will not absorb moisture and stops winter burn; keeps snow and salt OUT.
  • Can be used as a wrap or blanket. Long lasting and re-usable.
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You've put a lot of work into your garden. Keep it safe this winter with the insulating garden blanket. It protects shrubs and bushes all winter long from the damaging effects of freezing rain, winds, snow, and animals. A high-tech synthetic fabric us used that protects against freezing rain, frost, and snow damage. It also insulates against extreme temperature swings while letting air, sun and rain are to penetrate - critical for plant life.