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Cape Cod Doormats of Distinction

Cape Cod Doormats of Distinction

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  • Cape Cod Border Doormats
    • Overall Dimensions: 50.5" H x 14" W x 14" D
    • Construction is of welded plate steel 1/8" thick throughout, giving the Curbvault great strength, resists baseball bats, vandals, cherry bombs, etc.
    • Superior, lab-tested powder coat finish will last "forever" in any geographic location.
    • The structure carries a lifetime manufacturer's replacement warranty.
    • Mail, deposited by the letter carrier in the front, falls to the bottom of the mailbox for removal with your key through the locked rear door.
    • The rear door is self-locking - a great asset when you've got an armful of mail.
    • Welded Stainless Steel rod hinges and invisible welded seams will keep vandals OUT.
    • Converter shelf provides you with full or part-time security converting to an unsecured 12" x 12" x 12" mailbox in seconds without tools.
    • Interior removable rear mail-catch tray.
    • Vertical rain gutters keep your mail bone-dry in the worst storms.
    • US Department of Transportation approved break-away mount.
    • Approved by the USPS.
    • No slab needed (but recommended) - the in-ground portion is Stainless Steel.
    • 3,000 cubic inch mail capacity, 1,500 cubic inch with unsecured option.
    • Huge deposit opening.
    • Vented so it won't trap moisture condensation.

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