Shoe Cubbies
Shoe Cubbies Shown with Optional Shoe Cubbies

Cubbies Unlimited Shoe Cubbies

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SeattleLuxe # 456 MFR # CU0140720001


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  • Melamine Finished Surface
  • Dividers are flexible yet virtually unbreakable.
  • Women's Cubbies are 4" Wide x 6" High. Consider "Men's" Cubbies for womens shoes - such as clogs, etc.
  • Men's Cubbies are 5" Wide x 6" High.
  • Open Shoe Cubby units are 14" deep overall and come in 2 heights - 20" (3 cubbies high) and 32¾" (5 cubbies high).
  • Shoe Cubbies with Doors are 15" deep overall and 32¾" (5 Cubbies) high. 
  • 1/2" Space between doors allows for venting of the Cubbies with doors.
  • Constructed with 5/8" Thick furniture-quality high density particle board.- coated with white Melamine - not paint.
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Hard to believe the space saving? Our patented Shoe Cubbies™ will convince you! Shoe Cubbies are the ultimate solution for shoe storage. Sizes for either men's or women's shoes are available - accommodating from 15 pair to 40 pair of shoes. Toe-to-heel placement provides scuff-free storage while saving space.

Twice as thick and heavy when compared to some imitations on the market. Construction will last a lifetime since the Melamine finish is bonded to the surface - not painted on.

No room in the closet? Shoe Cubbies serve as free-standing units, or can be built into custom closet systems. These are the same Shoe Cubbies used in the finest professional custom closet installations. Need a TV table? Shoe Cubbies make an excellent TV stand and shoe storage combination unit. Cubbies can also be used as a night stand or "occasional" table. Properly assembled, our Shoe Cubby units will easily support 100 lbs.

You assemble the cabinet yourself with a screwdriver and hammer. Special pre-installed heavy duty hidden cam-lock fasteners only require 1/2 turn of your screwdriver. Simple and clear user-tested instructions make Shoe Cubbies easy to assemble in less than 15 minutes -- as proven by "all thumbs" testers. Everything you need is included. The Cubbies themselves are pre-assembled -- they just pop open and slide into the cabinet.