Parcel and Drop Boxes

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  • Curbside Mail Vault with/without USPS Mailbox DVCS0015/DVCS0020
    • Galvanized 16-Gauge Steel Construction
    • Order with or without integral USPS-Approved Letterbox
    • Outgoing mail compartment and carrier Service Flag
    • Patented Security Drop Door keeps hands out but lets packages in.
    • Delivery agent simply opens, drops, and goes.
    • Rear key-locked access doors.
    • Stainless Steel Hinges
    • Double Powder-Coat Hammered Finish in Black, Grey, White, Copper Vein, or Sand
    • Knockouts for underground feeds provided
    • Black, White, Grey, Copper Vein, or Sand
    • Letterbox meets latest USPS standards
    • Dimensions 19" Wide x 47-3/4" High x 19" Deep - 100 lbs.

    List Price: $761.00

    Price $662.50

  • Large Security Parcel Drop Box
    • Constructed of 14 gauge aluminum
    • Housed behind front magnetic door is a custom-sized drop slot with a 14

    List Price: $2,085.00

    Price $1,710.00

  • Aluminum Security Standard Parcel Drop Box - 5 Powder Coat Colors
    • Constructed of 14 gauge aluminum
    • Deflector plate is mounted inside box to prevent theft.
    • Anti-fish "alligator teeth" on the deflector plate prevent anything but the fishing line from leaving the mailbox.
    • Housed behind front magnetic door is a custom-sized drop slot. The drop slot measures 14” wide and will be sized in height from 4" to 10".
    • Locked parcel removal door measures 18” Wide x 18”High and includes a high security Medeco deadbolt.
    • Parcel removal door is available in front or rear.
    • Requires a post. Recommended post size: 16" surface mount or 36” in-ground – sold separately.
    • Dimensions: 18” Wide x 36” High x 24” Deep - 55 lbs.
    • Shiped by truck- signature required.

    List Price: $1,190.00

    Price $1,005.00

  • Extra Large Vertical Locking Wall Mount Mailbox - Dropbox
    • 14 gauge and 16 gauge electro-galvanized steel to ensure security and vandal resistance.
    • Conditional LIFETIME Warranty
    • Auth-Florence "F" series lock with two keys supplied, upgraded lock options available.
    • Can wall-mount or use with our 4" Square Post.
    • Top door opens like an oven door for envelope insertion.
    • Contents are removed through lower, locked door.
    • 15-1/8" wide x 25-1/4" high x 12" deep at top, 10-5/8" deep at bottom

    List Price: $525.00

    Price $425.00

  • Post Mount Delivery Vault Junior
    • Small bundle and package drop door.
    • Dimpled, angled bottom panel protects deposited items from possible leaky packages.
    • Made of heavy-duty 14 gauge aluminum with stainless steel hinges and fasteners.
    • Available in Black, Gray, White, Copper Vein, and Sand.
    • Matching Center Mount or Side Mount post available.
    • Meets U.S. Postal Service Standards.
    • 14" Wide x 20" High x 14" Deep - 20 lbs.

    List Price: $350.00

    Price $307.79

  • All Purpose Surface Mount Pedestals for dVault Package Delivery Vaults
    • Tamper resistant mounting system - with all bolts concealed within the locking section of the mailbox.
    • Extra-large top mounting plate for extra strength and durability.
    • Heavy, 10 ga. aluminum..
    • Durable powder coat poly-hammer finish in Black, White, Green or Grey

    List Price: $150.00

    Price $136.27

  • DVCS0030 Full Service Centralized Mail & Package Vault
    • Package delivery vault is made from heavy 16-gauge Galvanized Steel
    • Baffled hopper system keeps hands OUT!
    • Double-powder coated in your choice poly-hammer finishes in Black, Grey, White, Copper Vein, or Sand
    • Hinges are all Stainless Steel
    • Delivery agents simply open, drop and go translating to more stops per hour
    • Electrical knockouts are present, for underground feeds.
    • Vault Dimensions: 17.25" Wide x 25.888" High x 17.25" Deep
    • Pedestal Included - Dimensions: 10" Wide x 10" High x 10" Deep
    • Overall Dimensions: 19" Wide x 50" High x 19" Deep - 155 lbs.
    • Truck delivery, with signature required.

    List Price: $1,057.00

    Price $919.95

  • DVCS0023 Package Delivery Vault
    • Heavy 16-gauge Galvanized Steel Construction
    • Double poly-hammer Powder-Coat finished in your choice of Black, Grey, White, Copper Vein, or Sand
    • Stainless Steel Hinges
    • Front, key-locked access door allows installation against walls and in other areas where space is at a premium.
    • Delivering carrier simply opens the hopper door, drops, and leaves.
    • Baffled incoming hopper lets packages in and keeps hands out.
    • Electrical knock-outs are present, for underground feeds.
    • Tote included. Optional extra totes are available.
    • Vault Dimensions 17.25" W x 25.9" H x 17.25" D
    • Overall Dimensions 19" W x 40" H x 19" D - 90 lbs.
    • Delivered by truck - signature required.

    List Price: $904.00

    Price $786.75

  • DVU0050 All Purpose Pedestal Vault Mailbox
    • Mail, package, and bundle delivery box.
    • Overall 14 1/2" W x 47 1/2" H x 14 1/2" D
    • Box Alone - 14 1/2" W x 34 " H x 14 1/2" D
    • All aluminum (14 ga) delivery vault.
    • Incoming mail slot with "flapper" mechanism for easy deposit of mail, large envelopes, and magazines.
    • Small bundle Security-Drop Door US Patent 6,647,737
    • Internal sloped, dimpled floor protects delivered items from possible leaky packages.
    • Stainless steel hinges - replaceable doors.
    • Key-Locked 12" x 12" mail removal door is extra heavy (10 ga.) aluminum.
    • Your vault is delivered with the door at the rear of the unit. You can re-locate the door on any side - left, right, or front
    • Lock has patent-pending anti-pry mechanism - comes supplied with 2 keys.
    • Durable powder coat poly-hammer finish in Black, Green or Grey plus Custom Colors.

    List Price: $712.00

    Price $699.99

  • Locking Wall-Mounted Drop Box - Four Finishes
    • Heavy Duty Powder-Coated Galvanized Steel Interoffice Mailbox - Perfect for night drops, key drops, payment drops, etc.
    • High Security 12-wafer lock with anti-drill feature combined with anti-pry latch lock design - three keys supplied.
    • Anti-fish bin design.
    • Installation hardware included: 4 Stainless screws and washers, driver bit, drill bit.
    • 11.2" Wide x 16.2" High x 4.7" Deep.
    Price: $79.99